The Buckskin Brotherhood
Book 1

He’s roped in by a runaway bride!

When Lucy Patterson shows up at the Buckskin Ranch with no groom, Matt Ramsey’s in a fix. Six years ago she gave him her heart. He sent her away. He was wrong for her then. He’s wrong for her now. But the years have fanned the flames...


"I made a terrible mistake last night, Lucy. Kissing you like that was irresponsible and I—”
Irresponsible? How do you figure that?”
“Finding your intended with another woman had to be a terrible shock. You’re in a vulnerable spot, and I’m fully aware that years ago you had feelings for me.”
“Back up the guilt bus, cowboy. I kissed you. I started it.”
“Why did you?”
“I was feeling happy.”
“What if Jake had been standing there? Would you have kissed him?”
“No! Jake is like a big brother to me. So are the other guys.”
“But I’m not.”
“You never have been. But one little kiss doesn’t mean I’m ready to throw myself at your feet.”
“On the other hand, six years ago, you—”
“That was six years ago. And that’s enough about me. Here’s the big question. Why did you kiss me back?”
He turned down the heater because he was sweating. “You took me by surprise.”
“So if some woman unexpectedly kisses you, that’s your natural response? You pull her in tight and become fully involved?”
“Of course not.”
“Will you admit that in that moment, you wanted me?”
He gripped the wheel. “Yes.”
“What about six years ago? Did you want me, then?”
There it was, the question. He took a shaky breath. “Yes, but—”
“Oh, Matt.”
He winced. She’d been angry six years ago, and that had been hard to take. Deep disappointment was worse. “Look, you were nineteen, had a full ride, a bright future. I had nothing to offer.”
“Except the knowledge my feelings were reciprocated. That would have meant the world to me.”
“And then what? The outcome would have been the same.”

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