The Buckskin Brotherhood
Book 2

His heart is on the line!

Wrangler Jake Lassiter craves the Buckskin Ranch’s spunky housekeeper, Millie Jones, but telling her is out of the question. She’s the kind of gal who deserves a happily-ever-after. He’s not the kind of guy who can give her one.

Trouble is, his heart doesn’t want to listen to reason, especially after another cowboy sets his sights on Millie.


"I’m a bad risk, Millie.”
She tightened her grip on his arm. “What if I’m willing to take it?”
Jake swallowed. Seth had predicted she’d react this way. His heart beat faster. “I could be putting you in harm’s way. Teague’s a solid guy. I seriously doubt he has scary demons. You would—”
“But I don’t want Teague.”
“You must want him a little bit. You accepted a date with him.”
“Only because I thought you were a hopeless case.”
“I probably am.” But he didn’t move his arm and she didn’t take her hand away.
“Is that what the Brotherhood thinks?”
“Well, no, but they’re gonna be in my corner, no matter what. We have our oath. We have our creed.”
“What would Charley do.”
“Yes, ma’am. If I thought I could be half the man Charley Fox was, I’d tell you to cancel that date with Teague and go out with me.”
“Let’s think about that creed. When Charley met Henri, he’d been through a divorce, right?”
“Yes, but—”
“He must have had some self-doubt about whether he’d make Henri a good husband since he’d already had a breakup.”
“It’s possible.”
“What if some guy who hadn’t been divorced had wanted to date Henri? Would Charley have stepped aside to make way for a better prospect?”
“If he had, Henri would have been very unhappy with him. She’s told me how much she liked him from the get-go.”
“I’ve liked you from the get-go, Jake.” The sadness in her gaze had morphed into the sparkle he loved.
“Ditto, Millie.”
“So tell me, in this situation, what would Charley do?”
His heart thumped so fast he could hardly breathe. If he went through with this and hurt her, he’d never forgive himself. But if there was a tiny chance he could make her happy and he refused to try, he’d never forgive himself, either.
“Millie, will you cancel your date with Teague and go out with me tonight?”
“To the movies with the gang?”
“No. Dinner and dancing at the Moose. Just you and me.”
“I’d love to.”

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