Sons of Chance
Book 6.5

Giving Christmas a second chance...

Wrangler Tucker Rankin never forgot the kiss he stole from Lacey Evans ten years ago. They’d bonded over painful Christmas memories, but a bad boy had no business getting involved with a virginal honor student. End of story. Now a blizzard has forced him to take refuge in a cabin Lacey planned to share with her boyfriend until he dumped her. She’s still anti-holiday and still way too good for him. But stringing popcorn is all that stands between him and a misguided urge to be her rebound guy.

Tucker’s hot kiss had overwhelmed Lacey at seventeen, but she’s not that innocent girl anymore. And now that her ex has revealed his true colors, she’s happy to be rid of the jerk. Tucker’s arrival is an unexpected gift, especially since he’s not into the holly jolly any more than she is. Why not celebrate each other, instead?


“I’m not at all your type.”
“Why do you say that?”
“It’s obvious.” Lacey set the bowls down on the table with brisk efficiency. “You went out with the party girls, whereas I was—”
“Too good for me.”
“What?” She looked up in obvious surprise.
“You heard me. I was the bad boy with the souped-up truck and mediocre grades. You were an honor student with goals and a curfew.”
“Okay, so we were different, but I never thought I was too good for you, Tucker.”
“No, you wouldn’t think that, because you’re a nice person. But I knew it. It didn’t stop me from kissing you, though. I saw my opportunity and took advantage of you being sad and vulnerable.” He rubbed the back of his neck, where tension had gathered. He hadn’t meant to start confessing his sins, but now that he had… “I shouldn’t have kissed you that night.”
“So you regret it?”
He met her gaze and something in the depths of those blue eyes demanded complete honesty. “No,” he said softly. “I’m not that noble.”

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