Sons of Chance
Book 7

Too good to be true?

Mired axle-deep in the mud during a torrential downpour, beautician Olivia Sedgewick needs a hero. Wilderness guide Wyatt Locke fills the role nicely. His gallantry and display of muscles as he lifts her into his truck inspires all kinds of delicious thoughts.

Rescuing Olivia supercharges Wyatt, too. His surprise trip to the Last Chance Ranch is off to a great start. He’s even entertaining thoughts of relocating to Wyoming…until he discovers she’s broken off three engagements. Is he in line to be schmuck number four?

NOTE: This title was formerly released as LONG ROAD HOME


“So, how many broken hearts did you leave back in Pittsburgh?”
“Oh?” He hadn’t expected such an instant and precise answer.
“At least I assume their hearts were broken, at least temporarily, and I’m truly sorry for that. My heart was broken, too, because I’m the perennial relationship optimist. I convinced myself we were meant for each other. But just so you know, I always gave back the ring.”
“The ring?” He was so startled he stopped rubbing her foot. “Are you saying you were engaged to all three of these guys?”
“I was. And each time I thought it was for keeps, but then… I realized it wasn’t going to work, and I’d have to break off the engagement. Which was all terrible and sad for both of us.”
“I’m sure it was.” Knowing she’d accepted a marriage proposal three different times was sobering. Then she’d rejected each of those guys and returned the ring. He hoped never to have to go through something that painful.
She glanced down at her foot. “Ready to switch?”
Her revelation had made him completely forget about massaging her feet. “Um, yeah. I’ll work on the other one, now.”
“I really appreciate this. I can’t remember the last time a guy offered.” She pulled her left foot back and gave him her right.
“I’m happy to do it.” He wondered if any of her three ex-fiancés could have saved the day with a decent foot rub. He reapplied himself to the task at hand, but in the back of his mind he was still assimilating the fact that Olivia could commit and uncommit far more easily than he could. That was important to know.
“I think I figured out the problem, though, and I don’t expect to go through that again.”
“And what’s the problem?” He pushed with both thumbs as he worked his way up her arch.
“Oh, that’s heaven.” She closed her eyes. “Please do that again, Wyatt.”
He did, but he was in serious trouble. She was turning him on with her breathless comments. He could see why her exes had become involved with her. He knew exactly why they’d shown up with a ring in their pocket, and no doubt a firmness, as she’d put it, in their Jockeys.
She was beautiful and sensuous, which was attractive to most any man. Besides that, she had the quality he’d mentioned earlier while being grilled by the night of beauty women. She was enthusiastic. And yes, he was thinking about sexual enthusiasm, damn it.
So what was she talking about before she closed her eyes and moaned like a woman in the midst of sexual ecstasy? He searched his lust-soaked brain. Oh, yes.
And he really wanted to know the answer to the question, too. “So how are you going to avoid broken engagements in the future?”
“Simple.” She opened those gorgeous blue eyes and gazed at him. “I’m going to pick the man instead of waiting for the man to pick me. I’m going to take my time about it and make sure it’s what I want and I’m not just going along with his idea.”
“I see.”
“I’ve had a reasonable amount of interest from men.”
“I’m sure you have.” He massaged her toes, working from the base to the tip, and watched a dreamy expression steal over her face. He should get a medal for not seducing her right now. She was becoming more relaxed by the second, and a relaxed woman was usually a willing woman.
“And that’s the problem. I’ve allowed them to pursue me and catch me. I was never the pursuer, only the pursuee. They wanted me, so I convinced myself that I wanted them, too, because I was flattered and it made life easy.”
So the poor saps had been screwed from the get-go. “Just so you know, I don’t want you at all.”
Her smile was damn near irresistible. “Yes, you do.”
He wanted to kiss her so much his throat ached. “No, I don’t. What you see going on is a case of indigestion. Lust and indigestion look remarkably alike, especially in the human male.”

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