Sons of Chance

Racing Hearts

A Calculated Risk
Car chief Roni Kenway has a plan. She'll save her racing team and (hopefully) convince her crew chief, Judd Timmons, that she's the perfect mix of business and pleasure. But will she coast down Victory Lane...or crash into the wall?


The kiss began slowly, almost lazily. Deceptive, that slow pace. Judd turned the heat up so gradually that Roni missed the transition from sweet and warm to panting and hot. Somehow they’d made that transition, though, because his tongue was in her mouth and his fingers were buried in her hair. Pins scattered to the carpet as he cradled her head and deepened the kiss.
He lifted his mouth a fraction from hers, and he was breathing hard. “Roni, you’re killing me.”
“Then maybe you should lie down until you feel better.”
With a groan, he captured her mouth again and her heart raced out of control. She had Judd alone in her hotel room. The bed was only a few feet away.
At the second when she thought he’d crack and edge her toward the mattress, he released her and backed away. Gasping, he shook his head. “Sorry.”
She dragged in a breath. “I’m not.”
“I’m not sure I am, either, but I should be.” He gazed at her, his blue eyes still glazed with passion. “Kissing you was not part of my plan, let alone . . .” He gestured toward the bed.
“What was your plan?”
“To have dinner and offer you the car chief job.” He shoved his fingers through his hair. “I never intended for us to become so . . . involved.”
“Because you don’t want me sleeping my way to the top?” She smiled at him. He was adorably ethical, and she thought that was a fine thing indeed, but it had its place, and now was not the time to be noble.
He didn’t return her smile. “Obviously I’m attracted to you, but –”
“Well, thank God for that. I’ve had a crush on you forever.”
“You’ve had a crush on me? How did I miss that?”
“As Derek pointed out today, you tend not to notice such things. He said a woman has to hit you over the head.” She swept a hand down her outfit. “This is my version of bashing you with a two-by-four.”


Copyright 2001-2017 Vicki Lewis Thompson