The McGavin Brothers
Book 17

A Christmas cowboy for the mom-to-be...

An accidental pregnancy sends Zoe Bradford to her aunt’s cozy B&B in Eagles Nest, Montana for the holidays. Her ex is everything she doesn't want for her kid's future, so she’s cut him out of the picture. She's ready, willing, and able to be a single mom, no baby-daddy required.

Wrangler Seth Turner has arrived in Eagles Nest to spend Christmas with his long-lost father and his McGavin kinfolk, the ones his late mother never told him he had. He didn't count on meeting the irresistible Zoe Bradford. Or falling head over heels. He loves everything about her…except her no-daddy baby plan.

Can he convince her he’d be the perfect cowboy daddy for her baby?


“I’d love to hear about training foals.” Zoe picked up a fry. “These days I’m fascinated with babies of all kinds. You might have some tips for me.”
“I doubt that training a foal is—”
“They’re newborns, too.”
“With hooves and teeth.”
She laughed. “There’s that. But I’d be interested in your process. I’ll bet there are commonalities.”
“Okay.” Seth scooped up his burger. “First off, I make sure I’m there for the birth and that I have plenty of chances to touch the foal. That creates a bond.” He took a generous bite.
“See? Touch is universal.” And dancing with him had made her keenly aware that she hadn’t been touched a whole lot in the past few months. The full body contact he’d created by pulling her close at the end of the dance had filled a yearning she hadn’t acknowledged.
He put down his burger and started in on his fries. “The foals love it. If their first experience with humans is the pleasure of being stroked and fondled, they’re so much easier to work with.”
Whoa. This wasn’t an academic discussion of raising young creatures. Instead he was using words like stroked and fondled. She should change the subject. She didn’t want to. “Tell me more.”
He warmed to his subject, and warmed was the operative word. His enthusiasm for his work shone in his eyes and vibrated in his voice. Clearly he loved his job, which evidently was very hands-on.
She figured he was good with his hands. Even the way he ate, corralling his burger neatly without dropping any of the contents, demonstrated that. She’d learned when they’d danced that his hands were work-roughened, a new experience for a city girl.
She’d never made love with a man who had callouses at the base of his fingers. How would it feel? But she had no business thinking about Seth in that way. Or any other man. Cutting her mental vacay short, she concentrated on her juicy burger and crisp, salty fries.
When they’d finished the meal, he glanced at her empty plate and his. “Do you want dessert?”
“No, thanks. I’m stuffed. You go ahead if you want.”
“None for me.” He looked over at the stage, where Bryce and Nicole strummed the opening chords of the next number. “Let’s have one more dance before we leave.”
She was ridiculously happy that he’d asked. Probably another bad sign. She should say no. But… “I’d like that.”

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