The McGavin Brothers
Book 3

Sometimes first love deserves a second chance...

Former Air Force pilot Ryker McGavin would rather face enemy fire than fly April Harris to Kalispell, Montana. Eleven years ago she broke his heart, and the wound still aches. But when her sister goes into labor two weeks early, he’s the only one who can get her there in time. And he will, even if it kills him. Then the starboard engine conks out.

Ryker has returned to Eagles Nest looking hotter than ever and rocking a tribal armband. April’s far from immune, especially after he saves her life, proving he’s every inch the hero she claimed she didn’t want. But he’s a soldier and she’s a pacifist. They were doomed from the beginning. Unfortunately, her traitorous body doesn’t agree. It’s crying yes even as her brain is screaming no.

If they surrender to temptation, will they be trapped forever in no man’s land?


Picking up his bottle from where he’d left it on the table, Ryker put on his hat and settled down on the vacant lounge chair. The cushion was cool beneath his bare back. The chair was angled in the same direction as April’s, but the two were separated by at least five feet. He should be fine.
Or not. Her soft breathing was destroying what the cold water had fixed. Every time she took a sip of beer he relived the joy of kissing her. She put her whole self into it. Maybe he should claim to be tired and clear out.
Then she spoke. “My place in Eagles Nest doesn’t have a porch. I miss that. Sitting here and listening to the crickets is nice.”
“It is.” She hadn’t said sitting here with you but since she’d invited him to join her, it was implied. He couldn’t up and leave after she’d made that comment. They used to enjoy each other’s company and not only because of the sex. He had some great memories—horseback rides and picnics in the summer, snowmobiling and cozy fires in the winter. If they went their separate ways after this, which seemed likely, he wouldn’t have these private moments anymore. He’d stick it out a little longer for old times’ sake.
“I notice you didn’t put on one of the t-shirts.”
“I was afraid if I tried I’d rip it.”
“I thought of that.”
“I can wear my shirt on the way home.” He took a swallow of his warm beer. “Doesn’t matter if I sweated through it today. I’ll be the only one in the cockpit.”
“You were pretty damp when we climbed out of that plane. You can tell me the truth now that it’s over. Did you think we’d make it or were you secretly afraid we’d go down?”
“I knew we’d make it provided I kept my focus. You can’t allow yourself to be distracted in a situation like that or you’re dead.” And there was no way in hell that April Harris was going to die on his watch.
“You were extremely focused. I’ve never seen you like that.”
“We were given excellent training.”
“You’re glad you went, aren’t you?”
“Yes.” A warm breeze ruffled the wind chimes. “But I’m also glad to be home.”
“You don’t miss the excitement, the thrill of danger?”
“No.” He’d always loved the sound of her voice, but she’d broached a loaded topic. She might be looking for closure but he was too jacked up to give her that. If she persisted, she was liable to get either harsh words or hot lovemaking. He polished off his beer and stood. “There’s enough danger on this porch to satisfy me. I’m gonna turn in before I get in trouble. Goodnight, April.”

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