The McGavin Brothers
Book 8

Never underestimate a cowboy...

Hiring graphic artist Roxanne Sawyer to design a logo for his bar might be the most brilliant decision Michael Murphy ever made. Every time she comes through the door of the Guzzling Grizzly, his heart dances a two-step. But now he wants to focus that creative energy in a new direction.

For one glorious night he gets his wish. He believes Fate has drawn them together, but Roxanne blindsides him with morning-after regrets. He’ll need the luck of the Irish to convince her to take a chance on love…


“Let’s see how it fits.”
Roxanne’s head came up as snaps popped. Surely he wasn’t…oh, yes, he was! Michael stripped off his shirt and flung it across the back of the desk chair. She almost swallowed her tongue.
Pecs bulging...flexing...sweet heaven! Time slowed as he reached for the t-shirt and pulled it over his head. Then he shoved his arms into the sleeves one at a time. Abs tightening... shirt descending...! She prayed she hadn’t protested out loud.
“What do you guys think?” His grin wasn’t the least self-conscious. Evidently he had no clue he’d just fried her circuits. “Does it work?”
Bryce looked up from his phone where he’d been texting with Nicole. “Fits great, buddy. Just don’t wash it in hot water.”
“Exactly.” She licked dry lips and coaxed words from tight vocal cords. “You can’t afford to have it shrink.” Lest your female customers spontaneously combust. They might, anyway.
The logo had looked good on her computer screen, even better on the antique mirror behind the bar, and striking against the black cotton t-shirt material. But it had never enjoyed a more eye-popping venue than the muscled chest of Michael Murphy.
“You should try yours, Roxanne.” Michael gestured toward the shirts she clutched in each hand like lifelines.
“Good idea,” Bryce said. “Then I can send a picture of you wearing it so Nicole can see how it looks on.”
“Um, sure.” She checked both shirts and gave Bryce his. “I’ll just duck into the restroom.” Excellent. She could splash cold water on her face. She really needed someone to turn a hose on her, but that wasn’t practical right now.
In the privacy of the women’s bathroom, she peered at herself in the mirror. She didn’t look as wide-eyed as she’d expected. The guys hadn’t seemed to notice that she’d temporarily lost her cool. Bryce had been focused on his texting and Michael had been preoccupied with trying on his new shirt.
Judging from his nonchalant attitude, he hadn’t meant to be provocative. He’d wanted to see how the shirt fit and so he’d spontaneously put it on. No big deal to him.
Big deal to her. She would never forget that brief glimpse of his naked chest. If the top half of him looked that good, then the rest of him would likely...settle down, girl.
Dragging in a deep breath, she took off her jacket and her sweatshirt before pulling the tee over her head. The soft cotton felt like good quality. She’d know for sure after washing it, but the shirt fit well, not too snug and not too loose. Long enough to reach her hips.
She folded her sweatshirt and carried it and her jacket back to the office. Bryce had put on his t-shirt and both men had donned their black cowboy hats. “Awesome, guys. Women will be lining up at the bar.”
They both blushed a little. Cute.
Michael smiled at her. “You look great, too.”
“Yeah, you do,” Bryce said. “Put down your stuff so I can get a picture for Nicole.”
She laid her sweatshirt and jacket on the desk and moved back so he could take a couple of shots.
“Don’t move yet.” Michael stepped in and snapped a few with his phone. “We need to commemorate the beginning of our merchandising campaign.” He looked at his screen and nodded. “Nice.”
Her cheeks warmed. “Thanks.” Now he had a picture of her on his phone. Sort of intimate. Sort of lovely.
She wanted one of him, but snapping one right now would make her interest in him too obvious. “You know what? We should get one of you two.” She dug her phone out of her jacket pocket. “Let’s go into the bar and pose something.”
“Hang on,” Bryce said. “Let me send this one to Nicole.”
Michael glanced at her. “Are you thinking website pics?”
“I am.” And screensaver for her desktop.
“Me, too. Much better to show them on somebody. Same with the women’s style.”
“Right, but you need Nicole and Tansy for that. This will just get you started.”
“Nicole loves the shirt.” Bryce smiled. “She’s dying to come over here but she’s swamped.” He looked up. “Okay, let’s go flip on the lights and take some location shots. Might as well have some stored on mine, too.” He handed over his phone.
“Mine, too.” Michael gave her his.
She led the way into the bar and then played paparazzi, switching phones and angles while the guys hammed it up in front of the antique bar.
“That’s enough,” Bryce said. “Customers will be at the door any minute. Just let me get one of you and Michael real quick.”
“Okay.” She laid down all three phones on one of the tables and walked over to stand beside Michael. Shivered a little. The empty bar was chilly. Yeah, that was it.
Bryce laughed. “Not like that, like you’re in front of a firing squad. Put your arms around each other’s waists and smile. Who knows, we might want to put some of these on the website, too.”
“All righty.” Michael slipped his arm around her.
Instant sizzle. Breathe. Sucking down air, she put her arm around his waist. Warm. Solid. He drew her close, hip-to-hip, and her pulse ratcheted into high gear.
“That’s better,” Bryce said. “Great smiles.”
She hadn’t smiled on purpose. Evidently being this close to Michael brought out her happy face. And made her tingle all over, some places more than others.

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