Nerds & Geeks #3
April 2016

It's All Geek to Me

Pin the Tail on the Donkey wasn’t how Frazer Krause expected to spend a Friday night out with Dulcie Hilgendorf. As the hardware specialist for his tech company, he volunteered to follow Dulcie around all weekend while she beta tested a produce app. Little did he know she’d drag him to a boisterous family birthday party where everyone’s convinced he’s her boyfriend.

Frazer’s always kept his emotions close to the vest, which has led to a string of failed relationships. Dulcie’s not about to let him stay behind the walls of his comfort zone, and he’s shocked to discover he enjoys the increased freedom. But freedom comes at a price. Is he willing to let go of his inner perfectionist to keep the woman he loves?


Frazer wasn’t hungry, but if getting something to eat would mean spending more time with Dulcie, he’d go along with the idea. “Where’s a good place to go around here?”
“I know a cute little diner that’s not too far. We could use the app on the food.”
“Sounds good.” He held the door for her and they walked out into the cool night air.
“Or we could go see what I have in my refrigerator and use the app on that.”
That suggestion brought him to a complete stop. Maybe she was only inviting him to her place for a bite to eat. Or . . . the other possibility sent heat straight to his groin.
Turning to face him, she placed both hands on his chest and looked into his eyes. “Your heart’s beating really fast.”
“Yeah.” He rested his hands loosely on her shoulders because he wasn’t sure where she was going with this and he didn’t want to make assumptions. “You tend to have that effect on me.”
“You have that effect on me, too.” Reaching for his right hand, she placed it in exactly the same spot where he’d hung the donkey tail. “Can you tell?”
His fingers closed over her soft breast. Suddenly he wanted her so much that he didn’t trust himself not to do something rash like pushing her up against his car and shoving both hands under her sweater while he kissed the daylights out of her. He swallowed. “Dulcie . . .”
“Am I moving too fast for you?”
“No.” Lust clogged his throat and made him sound like a frog.
“Then would you like to come home with me?”
“God, yes.”

Copyright 2001-2021 Vicki Lewis Thompson