Rowdy Ranch
Book 1

The laugh’s on him…

Fun-loving cowboy Beau McLintock is floored when ex-girlfriend Jess Hartmann announces she’s pregnant. He’s the life of the party, not a father figure. He has a joke to fit every occasion. But there’s nothing funny about this.

Although Jess feels honor-bound to inform Beau, he’s the last person she’d choose to be her baby-daddy. He’s not cut out to be a family man. He made that clear two months ago and she broke up with him. Yet now he’s singing a different tune. And turning up the heat.

With her baby’s future at stake, can she trust his change of heart?


He turned in her direction and gave her the trademark Beau McLintock smile. “Anything else?”
“Yes.” Jess wanted to be immune from that smile, unaffected by the heat simmering in his eyes. Instead, her skin flushed and she struggled to take in air. Concentrate. “Do you want to do it?” Damn it, she sounded like a breathless teenager.
His smile morphed into a sexy grin. “Anytime you want, sweet lady.”
Whoops. Miscommunication. Heart hammering, she fought the urge to grab him. “I was…” She gulped. “I was talking about who would make the announcement to your family.”
His tone turned brisk. “I knew that’s what you meant.”
“No, you didn’t. Your pupils dilated.”
“You can’t tell in this light.”
“I can so.” She took a shaky breath. “I can see your face in the glow from that tree.”
“My sweet face?” He’d shifted back to seductive mode, murmuring the words and leaning toward her, bringing with him the scent of pine and aroused male.
“Don’t you dare kiss me.”
His voice lowered another notch. “You want me to.”

Copyright 2001-2022 Vicki Lewis Thompson