Thunder Mountain

Book 5

Cowboy All Night

Brant Ellison's easygoing nature makes him one of the most sought-after horse trainers in Wyoming. His powerful muscles don't hurt, either. Nothing makes Brant happier than training a new colt at his foster home, Thunder Mountain Ranch—except maybe the colt's sexy new owner, if she wasn't all work and no play.

Aria Danes hopes that once trained, the colt will help her injured brother. But Brant is proving to be a distraction from her responsibilities—she has a wicked urge to strip him from his hat to his boots. Ride 'em, cowboy. Aria and Brant can't get enough of each other. Their craving is insatiable, even if they have nothing in common. Even if some cowboys can never be tied down…


Brant nudged back his Stetson. “On the way over to the cabin Cade told me you plan to open a cooking school.”
“Eventually.” The glow of the barn’s dusk-to-dawn light gave Aria a better chance to admire his handsome self.
“So that’s why you’re working so hard.”
“It is, although I’ve become sidetracked with Josh’s accident.”
“I’m sure.” His gaze warmed. “It’s a generous thing you’re doing for him.”
She shrugged. “He’s my brother. Anyone would do the same.”
“I’m not so sure.” He shoved his hands into his pockets. “I’m trying to say I admire you, and making a poor job of it.”
Her heartbeat sped up. “Thank you.”
“Let me make it a little plainer.” He looked into her eyes. “I like you.”
“I like you, too.” She swallowed. “Quite a bit.”
“I had a hunch. So…?”
“We should probably leave it at that.” Damn it.
“I’m really busy.”
“Okay.” He sounded skeptical.
“I don’t blame you for questioning that tired old excuse. Plenty of busy people find the time to indulge in…stuff.” Her cheeks grew warm.
“So I’ve heard.” His lazy smile ramped up his sex appeal several more notches.
“But there’s also Josh to think about.”
“I’m not following you.”
“He’s stuck in a wheelchair with not much of a life. Working to change that has to be my focus.”
“Ah.” He rocked back on his heels. “And indulging in stuff with me might cause you to forget about Josh’s situation.”
“Yes.” Guaranteed. Just talking about indulging in stuff with this gorgeous cowboy had short-circuited her brain.
“Temporarily, anyway.”
“Right but—”
“Is that such a bad idea?”
“You’re suggesting I need a break.”
He shrugged. “Only you know if that’s true.”
“I hadn’t thought about it that way.” Her pulse began to race.
“We could try a kiss and see how that works out.”
She could barely breathe. This was the moment that would either stop him dead in his tracks or invite him to go further Although she shouldn’t, she yearned for Option Two. Someday she might regret this, but she wanted him so much. “I suppose we could.”
Slowly he took his hands out of his pockets and stepped closer, his breathing uneven. “You get to me.”
Excitement coursed through her. “You get to me, too.”
He cradled her face in his big hands and looked into her eyes. “One kiss. Just enough to see if we suit.”
She slid both palms up the soft, warm material of his shirt and felt the rapid thump of his heart. “Maybe we won’t.”
“I’m guessing we will.” Angling his head, he settled his mouth over hers.


Copyright 2001-2021 Vicki Lewis Thompson