Wild About You
Book 1

She believed werewolves were a myth...until she met one.

For paranormal romance author Emma Gavin, werewolves only existed between the pages of her novels. They were seductive heroes drawn from her imagination, not living, breathing creatures in the real world. And they certainly were not wealthy lords of industry.

And then the sexy Mr. Wallace sprouted fur.

Offering to pose as Emma’s bodyguard to deter a rogue Were should have been an easy assignment for pack alpha Aidan Wallace. She’s human. He’s Were. The two don’t mix. But he didn’t count on the temptation she would pose to his highly tuned senses. Or how hard it would be to resist her siren call.

Denying the bond that’s drawing them together could cost him his sanity. But surrendering to desire could cost him his life.


Aidan chose his words carefully as he buttoned his coat. “We’re from different worlds, yet we’re inconveniently attracted to each other. If I acted on the impulse I have right now, I’d be doing it with the knowledge I was only...using you.”
“For sex?”
“Yes.” He met her gaze. “For sex. Pure, unadulterated sex. Nothing more.”
She swallowed.
“You deserve more than that, Emma. So I’ll go for a walk and get myself under control. You’ll be safe here, and I won’t be long. Maybe an hour or so.” He started for the door.
“Wait.” She caught his arm. “It’s snowing out there.”
He glanced down at her hand on his coat sleeve. Such a small, soft hand to wield such immense power over him. “No problem,” he said. “I like the snow.”
“So do I. Let me get dressed and I’ll go with you.”
He couldn’t help but smile. “That would defeat the purpose. I’m trying to put some distance between us. You need to stay here.”
Her grip tightened. “So do you.”
He made the mistake of looking into her blue eyes and seeing the hunger there. He gave her as much truth as he dared. “Emma, you don’t know me at all.”
“I know enough. I know that you’re the kind of man who would rather walk off his sexual urges than take advantage of a woman he has no intention of making part of his life.”
“It’s what any decent—”
“That’s where you’re wrong. Actually, you’re wrong about a lot of things. You say I deserve more than pure, unadulterated sex. In the long run, when I choose a life partner, that’s true, but I can’t think of anything I’d like better tonight.” She gave him a saucy look. “For research purposes, of course.”
Lust speared through him, and as he stood there fighting it, his pelt began to grow. “You want to find out how the wealthy do it?”
“Could be.”
“We have sex the same as everybody else.”
“Somehow I doubt that’s true of you.” She moved around in front of him and began unbuttoning his coat. “You’re much stronger than I am, so you can shake me off and go out that door if that’s what you really want.”
He clenched his jaw as his teeth began to ache. “It’s not about what I want. It’s about what’s best for both of us.”
She finished unbuttoning his coat and slid her hands up the front of his shirt. “Maybe I unconsciously wanted to seduce you by wearing only this robe.” She gazed up at him as she lightly massaged his chest. “You intrigue the writer in me, Aidan. But you fascinate the woman in me. There’s something of the animal in you.”
She was on target with that one. He was afraid to look for fear his chest hair had curled up past the open neck of his dress shirt. He had about ten seconds before the buttons would pop from the strain of his growing pelt and the powerful muscles forming beneath it. He had to go now.

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