Wild About You
Book 1.5

They have love, but no future...

Nadia Henderson never dreamed she’d find love with Quentin Wallace. She’s been drawn to the broad-shouldered, highly creative Were ever since they were teenagers eyeing each other at family picnics. Unfortunately, pack law requires her to mate with another alpha, and Quentin doesn’t qualify. As far as the pack is concerned, love isn’t a factor in the equation. Her only option? Seize the moment and make memories to last a lifetime…


Nadia's smooth cheek nestled against Quentin's and her warm breath caressed his ear. “Tell me about your girlfriend.”
He pulled back to stare at her. “My what?
“Girlfriend. I have a strong suspicion that you have one. And because of that, we probably shouldn’t even be out here on the dance floor together. The Were community is small. Wolves gossip, and she’ll find out.”
“I don’t have a girlfriend.” He wondered how in hell she’d jumped to that nutty conclusion.
Her gaze locked with his. “You’re not involved with anyone?”
“No.” How he’d dreamed of looking into those beautiful gray eyes as he held her close. He pulled her back into his embrace and twirled her around the dance floor.
“I thought you might be.”
“Why?” The female mind was a fascinating puzzle. The female body, especially hers, was fascinating in a different way, but he probably should dial back his reaction to her by several notches or he’d embarrass himself.
“When we first met outside, I thought you looked at me with...interest.”
“There’s an understatement. That orange dress is killer. You look like a runway model in it, especially wearing those silver heels. You’re sexier than any woman I know.” He probably shouldn’t have added the last part, but when he did, she sighed and melted against him the way wax slipped into a mold.
“So I didn’t mistake that look you gave me,” she murmured.
“No.” He tightened his grip as their bodies aligned. “You knocked my socks off.”
“But then afterward you seemed way more reserved. How come?”
“I’ve always known you were several steps above me in the hierarchy, but I hadn’t heard that you’re in line to become the Henderson alpha.” Her hips fit neatly against his and no doubt she knew exactly how she’d affected him. “A Were in your position...”
“Should be celibate?”
His heart raced. Yeah, if they had sex, she might consider him the equivalent of the pool boy, but was he going to quibble about that? No. “Careful might be a better word. You have to be careful who you get involved with.”
“I’m always careful.”

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